Student Clubs

Student Club Supreme Board

Student Clubs Supreme Board carries out administrative and financial audit, and disciplinary actions regarding student clubs together with authorized bodies. It also sets policies relevant to student clubs.

  • Student Clubs Supreme Board is comprised of 8 members.
  • The members of Student Clubs Supreme Board are Vice Rector assigned by the Rector, Secretary-General of the University, Director of Department of Health Culture and Sports, Director of Office of Student Clubs And Leadership, President of the Student Council, President of the Student Clubs Association, and two students (who are club members) assigned by General Board of the Student Clubs Association.
  • The student members of Student Clubs Supreme Board are required to be currently registered students of Istanbul Arel University.
  • The student members of Student Clubs Supreme Board can not be candidate for any other assignment/committee within the Student Clubs Association.
  • More than one student member from one student club can not take part in the above mentioned Boards/Committees within the same period.