At Istanbul Arel University, the activities of student clubs are carried out by the Student Clubs and Leadership Office affiliated with the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. Istanbul Arel University aims to get students to spend their free-time in the best way and to take necessary steps for this aim. For this purpose, the university sees the student clubs as an artery of the campus life and it also considers that student clubs work well in establishing healthy relationships among students and encourages the students to be open-minded and intellectual, thus supporting the student clubs enormously.  

  1. Yearly Budges

Setting of the estimated budgets of the student clubs during the year according to the annual plans, after the meetings attended by Student Clubs, Student Clubs and Leadership Office, Financial Affairs Office at the beginning of academic year

  1. Allowances

Providing the allowances for Operations, Travel and Activities for the planned activities of Student Clubs.

  1. Cooperation

Coordinating the meetings and projects that the Student Clubs hold with the Board of Trustees, Rectorate, the Dean’s Office, Faculties, departments, Vocational School Board, Institutes, non-university state institutions and organizations and private sectors

  1. Trainings

Training the newly established Student Clubs and present Student Clubs about such subjects as the clubs, Leadership and Management, Financial Affairs, Club Management and Discipline, Social Responsibility and Public Relations, advertising and promotion, in Fall and Spring terms


  1. Planning the activities

Planning the suitability of the activities to academic plan, their financial transactions, reservations of facility and areas, purchasing the materials required, food and drink supply, transportation and accommodation

  1. Organizations

Planning the traditional organizations held by FestivArel, ArelKitap Festival and coordinating with the related units.

  1. Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and promotion, introducing and marketing of the activities of Student Clubs.

  1. Transportation and Accommodation

Providing the transportation means to the participants of the activities or providing transportation and accommodation to the participants, and providing transportation and accommodation of the club manager and members for the activities inside the city, outside the city and abroad.